Ukraine's monetary stock increased by 1.3% in July, to UAH 1.2 trillion

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Ukraine’s volume of money supply (M3 money supply - the aggregate of cash in circulation and non-cash funds on accounts owned by individuals, legal entities and the state, - ed.) grew up by 1.3% in July, to UAH 1.229 trillion.

As reported by the National Bank of Ukraine on its website, since the beginning of the year the volume of money supply has increased by 1.6%.

According to the provided data, the monetary base (the aggregate of the central bank's liabilities that can be used to create the money supply, including cash in circulation and liabilities to credit institutions) increased by 0.2% in July and by 5.4% since the beginning of the year, up to UAH 420.6 billion.

INFO: The volume of monetary base in Ukraine in 2017 grew by 4.6%, up to UAH 399.1 billion, while the money supply expanded by 9.5%, up to UAH 1.208 trillion.

As The Journalist reported, subsidiaries of Russian state-owned banks in Ukraine suffered enormous losses.

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