Ecologists sound the alarm because of illegal deforestation in Kyiv (PHOTO)

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Photos: Facebook

In Kyiv forests according to environmentalists, over the past 15 years, 2,300 hectares of forest have been destroyed. About this informs press service of Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center (KECC) on its Facebook page.

According to environmentalists, employees of Darnitsa forest park are allegedly fighting bark beetles and drying up the forest, but in fact they are working on harvesting trees for sale.

«Foresters constantly declare that they are fighting bark beetles and shrinking pines by cutting trees. Thus, if we believe the foresters, it turns out that the pine and bark beetles know geometry, otherwise, how can one explain the even geometric figures of felling in the form of squares and rectangles?»,- says the report.


Report notes that over 15 years in the forests of Kyiv they destroyed 2300 hectares of forest or 1 million live healthy trees.

Scientists have recorded with the help of a camera the forests of the Darnitsa forest park, on which from a bird's eye view the felling of a rectangular and square shape is perfectly visible.

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