American Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine 94.5% effective

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On November 16, the American biotech company Moderna announced that its coronavirus vaccine reduces the risk of contracting coronavirus infection by 94.5%, international French radio RFI reports.

Earlier the German-American alliance Pfizer-BioNTech announced its vaccine 90% effective, and the Russian vaccine Sputnik V – 92%.

Moderna is currently in the third phase of an extensive clinical trial involving over 30,000 volunteers.

It is known that during the studies, the risk of coronavirus disease was 94.5% lower in the subjects who received the vaccine compared to the group who received a placebo.

“90 participants in the placebo group contracted coronavirus, compared to five in the vaccinated group,” Moderna said.

The publication notes that it is not yet clear how long the vaccine will last, time will tell. But if this level of effectiveness turns out to be the same for the entire population of the world, then, according to the US Center for Disease Control, it will be one of the most effective vaccines.

“It is comparable to the measles vaccine, which is 97% effective and much more effective than the seasonal flu vaccine (19% to 60% depending on the strain),” the report said.

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