An exhibition of Yuriy Vakulenko opened in Kyiv (PHOTO, VIDEO)

photo Yaroslava Matvieienko

On April 3, Triptych Art gallery, Yuriy Vakulenko’s exhibition “Harlequinada” was opened. For the artist, this is the seventeenth solo exhibition. The exhibition presents twelve works.

What distinguishes a true artist from just an artist? First of all, anticipation of the relevance of the moment. His first Harlequin painting appeared 25 years ago, in 1994, “Venice. The Return of the Green Harlequin”. A year and a half ago, he returned to this character. Other Harlequins born during this time are searching and at the same time answers to eternal questions that concern not only the artist, but also society.

The theme of “Harlequinada” is especially urgent right now. Although, according to artist, he returned to many of works presented on exhibition, and they have nothing to do with Harlequin, however, they are associated with Harlequin conceptually.

Harlequin – the character of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte (comedy of masks) always appears in time. For some reason, you believe more in the turbulent flow of modern diversity. Among the Harlequins of Yuriy Vakulenko, everyone can find his own and know himself in this or that period of life. At first glance, the work of the artist – color and compositional explosion, burlesque, phantasmagoria. And the more you gaze into the worlds of the “Harlequinada”, the more you realize that everything is thought out and planned out not so much by the artist, who is the guide, but the Universe. This is the truth from the heart about the depth of life.

“I am a happy person, and today I want to share my happiness with you,” notes Yuriy Vakulenko.

The artist Ivan Marchuk, the sculptor Oleg Pinchuk and many others came to congratulate the colleague on the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until April 16 inclusive. After this, the project “Isms” will travel through the cities of Ukraine.

Text and photo: Yaroslava Matvieienko

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