At least 13 killed in protests in United States

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At least 13 people killed in protests and riots in the United States, caused by the death of African American George Floyd, ABC News reports.

At least 13 people were killed during protests in U.S. cities over the past week – many of them are African-American.

Riots in the United States continue for a week. Curfews were imposed in at least 40 cities, and the National Guard was involved in the fight against pogroms. The night before, thousands of protesters remained on the streets of New York, breaking curfew.

Protests broke out after the death of George Floyd during arrest in Minneapolis on May 25. The police detained him while trying to pay in the store with a banknote, which was considered fake by the sellers. One of the law enforcement officers pressed George Floyd’s head with his knee during arrest, which caused Floyd’s asphyxiation.

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