Bezsmertny: Ukraine should suspend participation in Minsk talks following deaths of four Ukrainian soldiers

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Ukraine should have suspended participation in the Minsk negotiations following deaths of four Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas, Ukrainian representative in the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) political subgroup Roman Bezsmertny said

He said this on the ATR TV channel.

“In my opinion, the first thing we should have done after the Pavlopil incident is suspend Ukraine’s involvement in the Minsk process until a Normandy format meeting. If you do not put pressure on Russia, it will act aggressively,” the representative of the Ukrainian side in the TCG is convinced.

Bezsmertny is also confident that Russia will act against Ukraine by force in any conditions.

“Russia implemented its foreign policy through the coercion to peace by force principle. And we must understand it, and it is necessary to prepare for the fact that they will act against us by force in any conditions. At the negotiating table, on the demarcation line, in the diplomatic protocol, in international organizations, in bilateral dialogs, the mechanism of force will always be used through its own interpretation of international norms,” he emphasized.

As The Jounalist reported, Zelensky ask Putin to influence the militants in Donbas to stop murdering Ukrainian soldiers.

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