Defense Ministry told about weapons supply for AFU

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In 2019, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received more than 7,400 units of new and modernized weapons and military equipment. It was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

Within the framework of the allocated financial resource, 7,436 units of new and modernized military and military equipment and special-purpose products were delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in 2018 – 6,764 units).

The defense department noted that 162 units of man-portable missile systems were delivered to the troops (Stugna, Korsar); 24 units of self-propelled howitzers (2C1 Gvozdika); 451 mortar units (82mm, 60mm); 42 units of armored weapons (BTR-4, BTR-3, BTR-70Di, BMP-1, ONCILLA); 806 units of automotive vehicles (KrAZ, MAZ, Kozak, Warta); 64 units of unmanned aerial systems (Fury, Leleka, PD-1); 22 units airplanes (MiG-29, Su-27) and helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-2); 18 units of radar stations; 5 units of combat boats (Island, MBAK, Centaur); 23 units of electronic warfare stations (Nota, Bukovel, R-330TRC, Mandate); 635 communication units.

The Ministry of Defense also revealed the number of missiles and ammunition delivered to the troops.

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