EU allocates EUR 232 mln to fight coronavirus

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The European Union has allocated EUR 232 million assistance to fight coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, the European Commission reports.

“Our new aid package will support the World Health Organisation and target funding to ensure countries with weaker health systems are not left behind. Our goal is to contain the outbreak at a global level,” Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management, and European Emergency Response Coordinator said.

This decision was made on February 24. The part of the funds will be allocated immediately, and the rest part in the coming months.

About €114 million will support the World Health Organization (WHO), in particular the global preparedness and response global plan; €15 million are planned to be allocated in Africa, including to the Institute Pasteur Dakar, Senegal to support measures such as rapid diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance; €100 million, out of which up to €90 million Public Private Partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and 10 million for research on epidemiology, diagnostics, therapeutics and clinical management in containment and prevention; €3 million allocated to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for repatriation flights of EU citizens from Wuhan, China.

As The Journalist reported, IMF forecasts 0.1% slowdown in global economic growth amid coronavirus outbreak.

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