EU named key reforms that new Ukrainian government must implement in country

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The Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli, told about the key reforms that the new Ukrainian government must implement in Ukraine.

The EU ambassador said this in an interview with the European Truth.

“We always say that it is very important to make more efforts to ensure the rule of law. We also say that the necessary steps should be taken to resume the privatization of the large state-owned enterprises. We also believe that Ukraine can do better for quality management of state-owned companies,” Mingarelli said.

According to the European diplomat, “it is very necessary to conduct land reform, because Ukraine has a fantastic potential in this area. If the reform to be carried out properly, it can lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs”.

In addition, Mingarelli considers it important to continue decentralization in Ukraine.

“We know that elections upcoming in a number of united communities. Decentralization is already successful for Ukraine, and this success must be consolidated. The reform of the public administration should continue, as it has the first positive results,” the EU representative said.

“As for the energy sector, we have been saying for 2 years in a row what exactly needs to be done to reform the gas market in favor of Ukrainian citizens. We expect that these changes will now be accepted. Of course, we stand for the full implementation of the law on the electricity market. And also, someday you will need to create an independent and competent atomic energy market regulator,” Mingarelli said.

As the diplomat noted, it is necessary to reform both the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine, as well as the National Police.

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