EU to develop a ‘guide’ to identify Russian passports issued to ORDLO residents

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The European Commission, together with the European External Action Service and in coordination with the EU delegations to Kyiv and Moscow, are developing rules for identifying and the passports of the Russian Federation issued to the residents of certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (ARDLO) of Ukraine, non-controlled by the government. This was reported by DW.

The guide will concern the issuance of visas for the residents of Donbas with Russian passports who will submit applications on the territory of Ukraine or Russia.

The EU statement stipulated that the non-recognition of Russian passports issued to the ORDLO residents is lying within the competence of the EU member states.

As The Journalist reported, MFA Ukraine prepares plan for NSDC due to “passportization” of Ukrainians in Donbas.

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