Foreign students pay more than USD 3bn to budget of Ukraine during period of study

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According to the approximate calculations of the state enterprise “Ukrainian State Center for International Education” of the Ministry of Education and Science, a foreign student, receiving higher education in Ukraine, spends at least USD 6K-8K annually, the Ministry of Education and Science said.

“As of January 1, 2020, 80,470 foreign students from 158 countries of the world studied at Ukrainian higher education institutions. According to the Center, in 2019 the total cost of tuition, accommodation, insurance, paperwork, food, transport and other needs of foreign students studying in Ukraine reached more than USD 570 million. If the average duration of study is 5-6 years, then in general, Ukraine’s income from foreign students for this period is more than USD 3 billion,” the ministry said.

It is also known that the top ten countries by origin of foreign students include India (18,429 people), Morocco (8,233), Azerbaijan (5,470), Turkmenistan (5,344), Nigeria (4,379), Turkey (3,764), China (3,527), Egypt (3499), Israel (2,561), Uzbekistan (2,027).

“Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for Ukrainian higher education among foreign citizens remains quite high. As of November 1, 27,440 invitations to study for foreigners have already been registered. They can check their invitation on a free service for foreign applicants, which was launched in 2020 on the basis of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Center for International Education,” said the Ministry of Education and Science.

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