Georgian President says possible Saakashvili appointment to Ukraine’s Cabinet would jeopardize Ukraine-Georgia relations

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Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has stated that possible appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili to a high political position in the Ukrainian government could put the relations between the two countries in question.

“Georgia and Ukraine are close strategic partners. Our cooperation is based on centuries-old friendship and respect between nations. However, our partner country is now considering for a high political position a candidate recognized guilty by all three judiciary instances in Georgia. This caused great concern and a sharp reaction from the Georgian government and society. As head of state, I am well aware that it is unacceptable to interfere in the internal affairs and personnel policies of another country, but it is also unacceptable and completely incomprehensible to hand a government post to someone whose criminal actions are confirmed not only by the Georgian judiciary, but also by relevant decisions of the European Court for Human Rights. That’s not to mention the fact that he is accused of grave corruption crimes,” the Georgian president said.

According to Zurabishvili, she “can’t even imagine how anyone could be so important for Ukraine as to jeopardize long-term relations between our states, neglect our institutions and insult our society.”

“I hope that the joint past, present, and future of our fraternal nations will never be called into question,” the Georgian president addressed the Ukrainian authorities, adding that “the interests of our countries would become more important than narrow political ambitions and calculations.”

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