In parliament, I will work on development of Ukrainian cities and optimization of housing and communal services – Oleksandr Popov

Photo by Oleksandr Popov's press service

The people’s deputies candidate in district #212, Oleksandr Popov, on the air of the Vlasny Dosvid (Own experience) program, has voiced his plans for work at the parliamentary of the next convocation in case of his victory in the elections. Possessing significant professional experience in the field of management of urban infrastructure, housing and communal services and issues of regional development, the politician noted that he planned to develop and implement effective national programs for the development of Ukrainian cities and adress the problems of housing and communal services, as well as energy efficiency at the state level.

“I see myself in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on construction, urban planning, housing utilities and regional development, which takes important legislative decisions on implementing national programs and supporting the most efficient development vectors for each city. I believe that Ukraine needs a new law for the housing and communal services system. Homeowners associated as co-owners of an apartment building should receive the state support for implementation of the projects related to reconstruction, major repairs, energy efficiency of their housing. Such projects should receive support from the state, local governments and directly from the residents.

Another area I would like to be engaged in at the legislative level deals with the environmental problems and their solution which requires financial support from the state and local budgets and the environmental fund. In my opinion, Ukraine needs to invest in the latest water purification technologies for maintaining good health of its cities residents. I have certain experience of cooperation with foreign partners on improving urban infrastructure, but introduction of modern technologies in all regions of Ukraine demands government support and a legislative framework. I believe that my professional experience will be helpful for addressing numerous current problems in our country,” a people’s deputies candidate Oleksandr Popov said.

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