Kyiv comprehensive plan: New business center to be created on Telychka industrial zone

Photo/Telychka industrial zone

The project of the Comprehensive Plan of Kyiv provides for the formation on the territory of the current Telychka industrial zone a housing and public center with the placement of state administrative institutions and international representations, city and regional administrative and business, information, exhibition, trade and sports complexes, as well as the formation of rehabilitation zones of the natural complex in the territories, adjacent to the Dnieper River, according to the communal organization Kyivgenplan.

“Telychka is one of the largest industrial zones located on the right bank of Kyiv, with an area of about 200 hectares. The development of the industrial area was formed during the 50-70s of the last century. It is dominated by enterprises of the construction industry and energy, but the bulk of the primary enterprises on the territory of the industrial zone are not working or in disrepair, and the premises are rented by small businesses. The proximity to the city center and convenient transport interchange on the one hand, and access to the Dnieper River on the other, make this place very attractive. That is why the revitalization of the territory and the construction of a business center on Telychka, which would relieve the city center, has significant prospects,” explained Serhiy Bronevitsky, head of the Kyivgenplan.

The approximate area of ​​buildings, according to preliminary calculations, can reach about 4.5 million square meters, which will help to organize about 150,000 jobs.

The change in the functional use of the territory and the architectural and planning structure of the territory provides for a gradual transformation of buildings with the possibility of reconstruction on local sites, renovation and reconstruction of the existing industrial buildings with their adaptation for new functional use with partial or complete demolition of morally and physically depreciated structures.

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