Kyiv Oblast declares “emergency situation” mode

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Kyiv Oblast declared an emergency situation mode on Wednesday, March 18, due to coronavirus outbreak.

Three COVID-19 cases have already been confirmed in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, according to the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

KCSA held an extraordinary meeting of the regional commission on technogenic and environmental safety and emergency situations chaired by Vasyl Volodyn, Acting Head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

“After analyzing the epidemic situation in Kyiv Oblast caused by the COVID-19 virus, the commission decided to classify it as a “Biomedical emergency of a natural nature of a regional level” and introduce the emergency situation mode on the territory of Kyiv Oblast,” the message reads.

Oleh Torkunov, Deputy Chairman of the Regional State Administration, will lead the work on eliminating the biomedical emergency of a natural nature at the regional level.

The head of the emergency staff was appointed Maksym Ioniv, Chief of the Department of Health of the RSA.

“We are taking all necessary measures at the regional level in the conditions of counteraction of the spread of the Covid-19. First of all, we support medical workers, the logistics of hospitals and provide the information support of the population. Health Department is already set an emergency hotline. Medical consultants provide the necessary information about the coronavirus and help with suspected COVID-19 by phone: 0456-31-00-46. It is important that people were aware of the danger of the disease, faithfully observe safety rules and keep calm,” Volodyn said.

Health Ministry: 14 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Ukraine.

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