Lifelong post: Amy Coney Barrett elected to US Supreme Court


Amy Coney Barrett has been approved for the post of judge of the US Supreme Court, the post which has been in force since 1789 in accordance with Article 3 of the Declaration of Independence, Euronews reports.

The Senate approved Amy Coney Barrett by 52 votes vs 48 voted against. The member of the highest legal authority in the country will begin work after being sworn in.

“I solemnly vow that I will do my job without fear and favoritism, and that my decisions will be made regardless of my own political preferences,” said US Supreme Court Justice Barrett during the oath.

Thus, in the Supreme Court, there is a twofold preponderance of conservative lawyers over liberal lawyers – six to three.

Membership in the Supreme Court is a lifelong position. Many believe that its composition is more important than the party affiliation of the one who occupies the White House, since all court decisions have the force of law and are very difficult to reverse.

“Some voters fear that the reform on healthcare and patient protection, adopted during the presidency of Barack Obama, and even the outcome of the presidential election, may now be under threat,” the newspaper emphasizes.

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