National Bank, Ministry of Finance start negotiations with IMF

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Deputy NBU Governor Oleh Churii said that the National Bank, together with the Ministry of Finance, are beginning to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the technical level.

“We’re exchanging correspondence. Of course, we are not talking about signing documents, but the dialogue is underway. We look forward to the arrival of IMF representatives in Ukraine once a new government is formed, that is, soon,” the deputy head said.

According to Churii, the new program with the IMF will probably relate to conditions unfulfilled under the previous program, including the “split” laws (on redistribution of non-banking financial services market supervision functions), protection of the financial services consumers’ rights, and the restoring responsibility for illicit enrichment.

As for the increase in domestic gas prices, Churii explained that the IMF does not require to set a specific price but to reach parity with the market, UNIAN reports.

“Our forecast is to receive USD 2 billion this year under the new IMF program. And in 2020, too,” the deputy Governor said.

At the same time, he noted that it doesn’t matter much to investors the amount of received IMF’s support, but the fact that the program is out there.

In addition, Churii recalled that together with new IMF program, Ukraine will be able to receive other funding from international financial organizations.

As The Journalist reported, World Bank Group president to visit Ukraine.

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