National Police powerful enough to neutralize radical groups during elections – Avakov

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, stated that there are no risks of radical groups during the presidential elections, if only they will not be used by presidential candidates.

“Myth one: radical groups will disrupt elections. This myth is untrue, since we have enough power to prevent such a situation where it may arise. The second myth: the radical groups are led by the Interior Ministry, and this is Avakov’s personal army. This myth is more connected with emotions and politics, when several candidates do not know how to answer radicals’ questions and try to shift the emphasis,” the Department of Communication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs quotes Avakov as saying.

Avakov stressed that even any abnormal situation arises, it will be resolved very quickly.

“We have no risks from radical groups either during or after the elections. And even if something happens in a separate polling station, it will be localized very quickly. We strong enough, but they do not have the strength to resist,” the Interior Minister said.

As The Journalist reported, Butusov said that the war between Poroshenko and Avakov went into the open phase.

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