Nefedov: Customs service estimates smuggling in Ukraine UAH 50-60 bln over the year

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The head of the Customs Service of Ukraine Maksym Nefedov in an interview with Radio NV has said that the volume of goods smuggled into Ukraine is tentatively estimated to be worth UAH 50-60 billion.

“Previously, we estimate the volumes of smuggled goods at UAH 50 billion to UAH 60 billion, these are losses for the state budget. It’s difficult to say more precisely, because we count them sector by sector,” Nefedov noted.

According to the head of the Customs Service, it is unrealistic to immediately transfer all this amount to the state budget in short term.

“Because about half of this smuggling are large smuggling schemes … Although these schemes are difficult to fight with, but they can be overcome in the future, especially in close cooperation with the law enforcement agencies. This is still a preliminary annual volume of smuggling, since customs has not yet completed all the calculations,” Nefedov emphasized, adding that 40% of all imports to Ukraine are commodities; their prices are regulated by stock quotes.

“What can be the raw materials losses? According to our estimates, especially after the fight against illegal gas stations – this is 1% of revenues to the state budget. There are certain categories of goods where losses can be even larger; first of all it concerns clothes and shoes categories of goods,” the head of the Customs service said.

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