Poland to reduce quarantine to 10 days

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Polish Health Minister Adam Niedzielski has announced that he had decided to change the rules of quarantine and isolation to 10 days, Polskie Radio reports.

It is proposed to reduce quarantine and isolation term to 10 days. According to the head of the Ministry of Health, the clinical practice, as well as the experience of some countries, in particular Norway, shown that such isolation period is safe and does not pose much greater risk, compared to 14 days. A 10 days period is provided for those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus, which causes a need for self-isolation.

Mr. Niedzielski also urged population of Poland to comply with safety rules, especially at family events. Otherwise, the government will be forced to introduce some restrictions again.

The Ministry of Health recalled that people must follow basic safety rules – keep distance, wear masks and use disinfectants.

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