Pope creates Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church exarchate for Ukrainians in Italy

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Pope Francis established an Apostolic Exarchate for Ukrainian Greek Catholics living in Italy.

The Pontiff also appointed Pope’s Cardinal Vicar for Rome, Angelo De Donatis as Apostolic Administrator of the newly created Exarchate, the Radio Liberty reports.

The exarchate for the Ukrainians in Italy encompasses the entire territory of Italy, that is, about 70,000 believers of 145 parishes. They are assisted by 62 priests.

“The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) has expanded by one structural unit, which is the Exarchate, and this is a transitional structure to the diocese. It is an important signal for Ukrainians in Italy. The establishment of the Exarchate shows that the Ukrainians in Italy are forming a new diaspora. Migration is transforming into a diaspora, so, we need stable structures. The emergence of a new structure within the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is another step towards the implementation of the patriarchal structure,” explains Father Justin Boiko, manager for monastic affairs of the Lviv archdiocese of the UGCC.

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