President’s Office sues “Schemes” program: Zelensky has never met Patrushev

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The office of the President of Ukraine is suing the “Schemes: Corruption in Details” program, demanding to refute untrue information published in the “False vacation” investigation.

“The Office of the President of Ukraine declares that the information provided in the story of “Schemes” program about the meeting of the President of Ukraine with the high official of the Russian Federation that allegedly took place in Oman is completely false,” the Office said.

The Office noted that Zelensky has never met (in person or in the framework of international events), talked or otherwise communicated with Nikolai Patrushev.

The Office of the President of Ukraine considers the publication of conclusions based not on facts or testimony, but on speculation and information from some secret “sources” an open manipulation of public opinion by “Schemes” program.

“When such manipulation is carried out on social networks by anonymous accounts in the framework of information activities of the aggressor against Ukraine, this can be explained by the logic of the hybrid war. But when Ukrainian journalists do the same, it goes beyond the notion of free journalism per se,” the President’s Office said.

“The Office of the President of Ukraine expects “Schemes” program to refute the untrue information and assumptions made on its basis. We are filing a lawsuit demanding a denial and an apology,” the statement reads.

The President’s Office also consider it as its duty to draw the attention of “UA:Pershyi” public broadcaster to the distribution of false information via its facilities, which is an outright manipulation of the public opinion.

As The Journalist reported, Zelensky promised to “safe every penny” invested in Ukraine.

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