Razumkov about discipline in Servant of the People party: We will make sure there are no untouchables in parliament

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Leader of the Servant of the People Party, Dmytro Razumkov, has said that his political force will monitor the discipline of its faction members in the newly elected Verkhovna Rada.

Thus, Razumkov answered the question what the party intends to do if 5%-10% of its newly elected MPs turn out to be “unprepared for deputy work”.

“Of course, our deputies represent the Ukrainian people, and there are no saints. But it is disciplinary measures that are the first thing we will start with, laying them down legally. If someone doesn’t show up to work, they get fired. Why should it be different for a deputy? It was the Servant of the People Party that nominated them, and we bear responsibility for them, including the reputation one,” Razumkov noted in an interview with NV magazine.

At the same time, the Leader of the Party called for evaluating future MPs by their actual deeds and actions.

“I can promise that we will make sure there are no untouchables in parliament,” Razumkov said.

Thus, the political force intends to use its mono-majority in the Rada to adopt in the first weeks of its work a package of disciplinary bills, including the law on lifting parliamentary immunity.

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