Russian security forces search Crimean Tatars’ houses

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On August 31, Russian security forces searched the houses of the Crimean Tatars in Nizhnegorsk and Sovetskiy districts of the annexed Crimea, as well as in Sudak, the human rights association Crimean Solidarity reports.

In particular, the search was carried out in the house of the journalist of Crimean Solidarity, correspondent of “” Ayder Kadyrov. After the search, he was taken to the FSB of Simferopol.

In addition, security officials search the house of Enver Topchi in the Sovetsky District, and in the village of Solnechnaya Dolina – a house of Ayder Ablyakimov, who works in the Ministry of Emergencies.

In addition, house of activist Umerov Ridvan in the city of Sudak was searched.

❗️ОБЫСКИ В КРЫМУ(ОБНОВЛЯЕТСЯ)UPD_4. Около 9:40 а/м ГАЗель, в которой находился Кадыров заехала во двор здания УФСБ…

Gepostet von Крымская солидарность am Sonntag, 30. August 2020

President’s Office position will not change: Water cannot be supplied to Crimea before its de-occupation.

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