Servant of the People plans to create coalition with progressive parties in Kyiv City Council

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The first number of the electoral list of the Servant of the People party to the Kyiv City Council Yevhenia Kuleba said that the future Servant of the People party faction counts on the support of all the progressive forces of the new representative body, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“It is absolutely certain that we will act in the interests of Kyiv and the people of Kyiv and will unite with progressive parties, deputies who will support our proposals,” Kuleba noted, stressing that she still cannot name the parties with which the faction will cooperate in the Kyiv Council as negotiations are currently ongoing.

The Servant of the People faction will have 12 deputies. Also, Kuleba does not yet know if she will head the faction in the Kyiv City Council. She clarified that such a decision will be made collectively and after the new composition of the City Council begins its work.

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