Szijjarto accuses Ukraine of “pathetic and nonsense” actions

Open source/Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto

Hungarian Foreign Economy and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on October 27, that Ukraine’s decision to ban the entry of two Hungarian government officials over what it called meddling in local elections was “pathetic and nonsense,” Reuters reports.

In his video message on the social network, he noted that Budapest had not received an official notification about the ban on entry of two Hungarian officials into Ukraine.

“In the video, Szijjarto welcomed the victory of Hungarian candidates in local elections in Ukraine, which means that it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the Hungarians for the future of region bordering Hungary with large ethnic Hungarian minority,” the newspaper writes.

The foreign minister also said that Ukraine had taken “unfriendly steps” against Hungary, having summoned the Hungarian ambassador and decided to ban the entry of two officials.

“By this, Ukraine is sending a signal … that it has renounced Hungary’s support for its Euro-Atlantic integration efforts,” Szijjarto stressed.

This is not the first time that Hungary has “hinted” at blocking Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

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