Tbilisi outrages Saakashvili over threatens to overthrow “illegitimate” power in Georgia

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The Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security of Georgia, Irakli Sesiashvili, has said that the statement made by the secretary of the executive committee of Ukraine’s National Council for Reforms, former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili regarding the Georgian government is propaganda and added that this will not remain without reaction and Kyiv will have to give explanations, GeorgiaOnline reports.

“Another shameful propaganda and a complete lie statement by Saakashvili did not surprise anyone. He is a political criminal in his country and is wanted by Georgian justice, but this is one side … Another one, which is worth paying attention to, is that he represents the Ukrainian authorities. He is a Ukrainian official,” Sesiashvili commented on Saakashvili’s video message from Kyiv addressed to his supporters in Georgia and criticized the authorities in Tbilisi.

The head of the Committee noted that when a Ukrainian official in his statements casts doubt on the legitimacy of the Georgian authorities, this cannot remain without reaction and Ukraine will have to give clarifications.

The deputy said that Ukrainian official’s intervene in Georgia’s internal political issues is very serious fact.

Recall that Saakashvili in his video message stated that he did not recognize the current Georgian authorities as legitimate and intends to actively contribute to the change of the Georgian government. In his opinion, this can happen in October, when parliamentary elections are planned.

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