The Hague Court began to hear MH17 case

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The investigation has charged and issued an international arrest warrant for four people. There are no those who fired the missile among them, however, they were directly related to the hostilities and could influence decision-making on attack, RBC-Ukraine reports.

The former leader of DPR intelligence Serhiy Dubinsky (call sign Khmuriy), the former DPR Defense Minister Igor Girkin (call sign Strelkov) and Lieutenant Colonel of the Airborne Forces Oleg Pulatov (call sign Gyurza) should have been stood before the court today. All three are Russian citizens.

Also among the defendants is the member of the separatists’ military unit Leonid Kharchenko (call sign Krot).

The trial will be attended by the Pulatov’s defense.

Recall, the Malaysian Airlines plane was downed on July 17, 2014. The incident is among the ten largest air crashes in history by the number of victims.

Media: Thirteen witnesses in MH17 case to remain anonymous as their life may be at risk.

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