Two reactor biogas plant launched in Kyiv Oblast

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A 2.4 MW capacity biogas station, processing sugar beet pulp [extracted sugar beet chop, waste beet sugar industry – ed.], has been launched in Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, as the Zorg Biogas company informs.

The biogas station was opened in Horodishche-Pustovarovskiy Raion (Kyiv Oblast).

It is noted that the construction of the station was carried out by Zorg Biogas company.

“The biogas station consists of two reactors of 3,800 cubic meters and 3,800 cubic meters fermenter, in which anaerobic fermentation occurs. It processes 300 tons of sugar beet pulp per day with classical technology,” the message says.

As The Journalist reported, a biogas station planned to be built in Vinnytsia Oblast.

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