U.S. House of Representatives backs bill to oppose Nord Stream 2

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The U.S. House of Representatives has supported the bill to oppose Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, in which the US sees a threat to Europe’s energy independence.

The bill, developed by Democratic Congressmen, should help the United States, Europe and Eurasia to strengthen global energy security and at the same time to diversify their energy sources and supply routes, Voice of America informs.

“European Energy Security and Diversification Act was adopted with 391 votes in support and 24 against.”

The bill calls on the US government to take measures to reduce dependence on energy resources from Russia, increase competition in the market, assist US companies that invest in European energy infrastructure, and increase exports of technology and energy resources to Europe.

The Senate has not voted on this bill yet. The website of the House of Representatives says that the document was adopted on March 25.

As The Journalist reported, the European Parliament said that the Nord Stream 2 could threaten the EU internal market.

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