Ukraine ranks worst among Eastern Europe countries in terms of prosperity

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In 2020, Ukraine ranked 92nd in the world prosperity ranking. Among the countries of Eastern Europe, Ukraine’s indicators are the worst. It was reported by the analytical organization Legatum Institute.

Legatum Institute analysts assessed 167 countries in terms of security, personal freedom, social capital, investment environment, living conditions, health care system, education, environmental conditions, etc.

Over the year, Ukraine has somewhat improved its position, because in 2019 our country took 96th place in the world. This year, Ukraine took 92nd place in the world prosperity ranking. This is 4 positions higher compared to last year, but it is the worst indicator among the countries of Eastern Europe.

In the overall ranking, Ukraine is located between Kyrgyzstan and Guyana (South America), which are at 90 and 91 places, respectively, and El Salvador and Turkey (93 and 94 places, respectively). Russia is ranked 76th.

Experts noted that Ukraine has the worst security situation due to the war in Donbas. Also, Ukraine has problems with the investment, the health care system and the environment. The highest marks were given to Ukraine for education and government systems, as well as for living conditions. Also, over the recent period, the level of tolerance towards other religions has increased in Ukraine.

The current leaders in the ranking are Switzerland, Norway and Denmark. The countries with the lowest wealth rankings were the Central African Republic and South Sudan.

The authors of the rating note that over the past year, the coronavirus epidemic has greatly affected the welfare of countries. However, progress made in previous years is helping countries to confront it, analysts say.

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