Ukraine reports 26,232 active coronavirus cases as of July 13

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Ukraine recorded 612 new coronavirus cases over the past day. This was reported by the Center for Public Health on its Facebook page.

During the day 15 patients died, 385 recovered. The number of active cases totals 26,232. Some 10,524 tests were done per day, the head of the Ministry of Health Maksym Stepanov said at a briefing. Of these, 6,976 were PCR tests (identifies active patients) and 3,548 were ELISA tests (identifies both active patients and those who have been ill).

According to the statistic, the anti-leaders are Lviv region (7,107 cases), Kyiv (6,238 cases), and Chernivtsi region (5,161 cases).

The overall incidence per region is the following: 2,122 cases in Vinnytsia region; 3,071 in Volyn region; 1,144 in Dnipropetrovsk region; 759 in Donetsk region (Ukrainian-controlled districts); 1,542 in Zhytomyr region; 3,988 in Zakarpattia region; 622 in Zaporizhia region; 3,071 in Ivano-Frankivsk region; 674 in Kirovohrad region; 6,238 in the city of Kyiv; 3,068 in Kyiv region; 7,107 in Lviv region; 93 in Luhansk region (Ukrainian-controlled districts); 482 in Mykolayiv region; 2,208 in Odesa region; 334 in Poltava region; 4,697 in Rivne region; 341 in Sumy region; 2,260 in Ternopil region; 2,677 in Kharkiv region; 204 in Kherson region; 908 in Khmelnytsky region; 5,161 in Chernivtsi region; 754 in Cherkasy region; 608 in Chernihiv region.

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