Ukraine reports 6754 new coronavirus cases, including 271 children, 255 health workers

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According to the Center for Public Health, as of November 2, Ukraine reported 6,754 new cases of coronavirus.

During the day the situation on the territory of Ukraine is, as follows:

    801 people were hospitalized;

    69 deaths were reported;

    2,327 people recovered;

    31,662 PCR tests, 4,925 ELISA tests were carried out.

For the entire time of the pandemic in Ukraine:

    402,194 people got sick;

    163,768 people have recovered;

    7,375 have died;

    3,344,211 PCR tests were carried out.

The largest number of confirmed cases in the last 24 hours was registered in Kharkiv (817 cases), Kyiv (507 cases), Lviv (464 cases), Chernivtsi (418 cases) and Zhytomyr (398 cases) regions.

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