Ukraine retake control of almost 24 square km of Donbas territory

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During the JFO operation, three settlements – the Vilne Farm, Pivdenne, and Shumy – were taken under control. The military managed to improve the situation without violating the Minsk agreements, as the Commander General of the Joint Forces operation, Serhiy Nayev, said on Facebook page of the JFO press center.

“Among our greatest achievements, first of all, should be noted reducing the intensity of enemy fire and, as a result, the reduce in the number of military losses on our part,” said Nayev.

He also noted that the JFO format, in addition to military tasks, provided for law enforcement, civil-humanitarian measures and the implementation of complex projects to restore the infrastructure and create conditions for further peaceful life of the population of the region.

As The Journalist reported, Ukraine retake control of almost 20 square km in Donbas ‘gray area’ during JFO.

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