Ukraine’s Motor Sich company continues to cooperate with Russian army, despite the ban

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The Ukrainian aerospace company Motor Sich, which belongs to the hero of Ukraine Viacheslav Bohuslaiev, continues to cooperate with the Russian army and Russian special services bypassing the ban on export military equipment to Russia, Bihus.Info reported.

Bohuslaiev owns several companies in Russia. According to the investigation, one of them, Borisfen, has received USD 3.5 million from the Russian budget in 2015-2017 for servicing helicopter engines for the Federal Security Service.

Borisfen company cooperates with a Russian company in the annexed Crimea. It received several government orders from the “Russia” Special Flight Squad, which is responsible for transporting the country’s military and political leadership, including the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In 2015-2016, one of its companies supplied to Russia aircraft engines TV3-117 parts manufactured by Motor Sich for the Russian Ministry of Defense. However, the company notes that the Ukrainian parts have been supplied exclusively to civil aviation.

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