Ukraine’s PM: Heating season in Ukraine will begin with no problems

Photo by Governmental portal

Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk in his blog said that the heating season in Ukraine will begin “with no problems”, except for Smila and Noviy Rozdil.

“Now I can confidently say that the heating season will begin with no problems in all cities. The exception is only two cities – Smila (Cherkasy Oblast) and Noviy Rozdil (Lviv Oblast). Due to certain technical difficulties which still remains, the heating season there will start a few days later,” Honcharuk said.

This difficulties appear, first of all, due to the fact that the heating services in these cities were provided by private companies, structures “that created critical situations through their actions,” however, the government has found a solution for both cases.

As The Journalist reported, Naftogaz launches Gas Reserve Program for Apartment Owners Association.

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