Ukraine sends expedition to Antarctica


The next seasonal expedition went to Antarctica to the Ukrainian station “Akademik Vernadsky”. This was announced yesterday by the National Antarctic Science Center.

The expedition, which included scientists who will conduct research and sampling, and technicians who will be engaged in the modernization of the station, set off for Antarctica from Kyiv on January 20.

As the center explained, such a large-scale modernization of the station is being carried out for the first time since Ukraine owns it. It began in 2019 and was delayed due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

In turn, the scientific team will continue to study how terrestrial and marine ecosystems respond to climate change in the region.

“Scientists at the station will get new opportunities to study the upper atmosphere, in particular the ozone hole. Special software will be installed that will allow preliminary analysis of the obtained data on ozone concentration directly at station, and this will significantly speed up the receipt of the final research results,” the center said.

The expedition will arrive in Antarctica in mid-February. Its participants, in particular, will have to undergo a two-week quarantine in Chile.

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