Ukraine will increase supply of poultry to the EU without tariffs

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The European Parliament has increase quotas for Ukrainian poultry meat exporters.

The corresponding resolution was backed by 444 deputies, 128 deputies voted against and 74 abstained.

According to the Agroportal, European officials called on Ukraine to fully comply with the trade agreement for more effective cooperation between the EU and Ukraine. It is emphasized that food safety and sanitary standards should apply to all products exported to the European Union.

The resolution said that the new regulation on poultry meat will allow for the sale of chicken breast with bone and boneless on a single tariff and increase the volume of export of poultry from Ukraine to the EU without customs tariffs.

As soon as Ukrainian exporters use the duty-free quota, they will have to pay duties for additional exports to the EU.

However, this change in the trade agreement, which entered into force in 2016, became necessary as Ukrainian producers used loopholes in the trade agreement that allows them to export large volumes of chicken breasts without duty.

New regulation will come into force after approval by the EU Council and after ratification of the agreement by Ukraine.

Eniko Györi, a Hungarian European rapporteur on this issue, said that “these amendments ensures that EU producers will now be protected from unlimited import of poultry meat.”

As The Journalist reported, Ukraine’s grain exports totaled 4.7 million tons.

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