Ukrainian Defense Minister spoke about main AFU reforms in near future

Photo by Defense Ministry

Following the meeting of the Reforms Committee headed by the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and in order to ensure a dynamic and consistent movement of defense reform, the reform of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak specified the main tasks for the near future.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Stepan Poltorak instructed the interdepartmental working group to ensure an organized defense review using the capabilities of the Ukraine-NATO Joint Working Group on High-Level Military Reform.

In addition, the Minister instructed the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transform the moral and psychological support system for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in accordance with NATO principles by June 20, 2020.

As The Journalist reported, AFU to continue modernizing armored vehicles.

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