Ukrainian Football Federation will change its name

Photo from open sources

The journalist of TV channels Football 1 / Football 2 Volodymyr Kramar announced that a number of issues would be resolved at the 22 FFU Congress.

As the informs at the meeting, FFU President will make a speech on the Federation’s successes and the Ukrainian team’s performance. The auditor will also speak about the spent and earned money.

There will be questions about changes in football justice bodies. It is probably a question of changing the posts of the FTC and Appeals Committee, but the names are kept in great secrecy.

However, the greatest interest is the question, which reads as follows: “On changing the name and approval of the new version of the FFU charter”.

From May 17, the Football Federation of Ukraine will change its name and will be called “Ukrainian Football Association”.

The idea was approved and supported by UEFA.

Earlier, the “Journalist” reported that Ukrainian athletes took part in the European Championship in Urban Sports.

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