Ukrainian labor migrants ensure 13% of Poland’s economic growth in 2013-2018

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According to the study by scientists from the Warsaw School of Economics Pavel Strzelecki and Jakub Growiec, as well as Robert Wyszyński from the National Bank of Poland, during 2013-2018 immigrants from Ukraine ensured an average annual growth of the Polish economy by 0.5% – this is 13% of the overall dynamics of the country’s GDP during this period.

The study provides no exact data on the number of Ukrainian migrants in Poland, because majority of them were not officially employed and, as a result, were not included to the official statistics. Therefore, the data is based on several alternative sets, namely, issued work permits, information from the border service, information on single social contribution payers and polls by the National Bank of Poland in four major cities.

To researchers, the number of Ukrainian migrants in Poland varies from 900,000 to 1.1 million people. After analyzing a number of indicators, the researchers came to the conclusion that the Ukrainians provided the growth of Poland’s GDP by 0.5% out of the total 3.6%.

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