US imposes sanctions on Iran metals

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The United States imposed sanctions with respect to Iran’s Iron sector of economy. The corresponding decree was signed by US President Donald Trump.

Sanctions are imposed against person and legal entities operating in the iron, steel, aluminum, or copper sector of Iran, or to be a person that owns, controls, or operates an entity that is part of the iron, steel, aluminum, or copper sector of Iran. In addition, restrictions will be imposed on those who are engaged in a significant transaction for the purchase, acquisition, sale, transport, or marketing of iron, aluminum, steel, copper from Iran.

It is also forbidden to become sponsor, or provide financial, material, or technological support for any person against whom restrictions have been introduced as part of the designated order.

In this way, the US wants to deprive Iran of sources of income that can be used to finance and spread weapons of mass destruction.

As The Journalist reported, Iran refuses to comply with some parts of nuclear deal.

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