Yermak: We will work effectively with governors to make Ukraine “an investment Mecca.”

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On February 12, the newly appointed head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak at a briefing spoke about his goals and priorities in new position.

“As for the areas of work that I see. Of course, ending the war in Donbas is one of the priorities for the president and for the Office of the President today. Therefore, this area remains a priority. Foreign policy areas will certainly remain in the scope of my attention. I believe that today Ukraine is in the center of global attention, and we cannot lose this chance. It is necessary to do everything so that the attention and interest that we have today gives us concrete results,” Yermak said.

He called regional policy another important area in his activities.

“We will work even more efficiently with local governors,” he emphasized.

To Yermak, another goal is to make Ukraine “an investment Mecca.”

“We have concrete steps, programs on how to do this. Our governors have received this task, the government and everyone involved in the investment climate are engaged in this,” Yermak said.

Yermak also added that the President’s Office should become “an expert office with the best personnel, the most professional people, who will help the president to fulfill his function and achieve results in all areas of his activity.”

He also said that, despite his appointment to this position, he will continue to conduct international negotiations.

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