Farion explained «bad life of Ukrainians» by domination of invader’s language

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Political and public figure Iryna Farion told in an interview to NEWSONE about how Ukrainian society should build a strong and self-sufficient state.

So, according to the politician, citizens of Ukraine should control everything, including military greetings in Ukrainian language.

«Language models are development of the nation and the state. Why cannot we get out of this shit? Because we have the language of the invader everywhere. We have only one official language - it's Ukrainian. And because he is not adhered to, we have such a bad life in Ukraine. It is important - to reach the spiritual foundation, and then all the other issues can be unleashed. We live so badly because we cannot defend Shevchenko's language, we do not have the language of this land», she said.

In addition, the guest of the studio added that, in her opinion, the adoption of a bill that would replace the military greeting in the Soviet-style «Hello comrades!» and «We wish health!» on «Glory to Ukraine!» and «Glory to Heroes». This will change the situation in the country for the better.

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