In Mykolaiv oblast Russian language was abolished as a regional one


Photo: from open sources

Mykolayiv District Administrative Court granted the claim of the regional prosecutor’s office regarding the invalidation of the decision of the Mykolayiv oblast council in 2012 on granting the Russian language the status of a regional language.

«Mykolayiv district administrative court upheld the claim of the first deputy prosecutor of the Mykolayiv region to recognize the decision of the Mykolaiv regional council of 07.09.2012 № 4 «On the implementation of the requirements of the law of Ukraine «On the foundations of the state language policy» in Mykolaiv region», press-service of oblast prosecutor’s office reports.

It was recalled that in 2012 the Mykolayiv oblast council recognized that in the territory of the region, along with the Ukrainian language as a state language, the Russian language acts as a regional language, and measures aimed at using regional languages are applied to it.

The regional prosecutor’s office stressed that in February this year the Constitutional Court (CC) of Ukraine recognized this law as not in accordance with the Basic Law of the country. In particular, in accordance with Art. 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Ukrainian language is the state language in Ukraine.

«Since the regional council did not take measures independently to bring the decision in line with the current legislation, the first deputy regional prosecutor appealed to the court to invalidate the decision of the regional council to grant the Russian language the status of a regional language. Court agreed with the arguments of the prosecutor, recognizing the decision of the Mykolayiv oblast council unlawful and invalid», press service noted.

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