It was established what makes Ukrainians happy


Photo: from open sources

Most families of Ukraine are happy with their family matters and children and only 1% of Ukrainians said that they do not find joy in life. About this informs UNIAN.

It is reported that a group of sociologists based on the results of the survey made a rating, which brings the greatest joy to the citizens of Ukraine.
It is noted that the majority (73%) of Ukrainians admitted that their joy depends on the family, and 63% named the joy their children. In addition, friends (49%), traveling (30%), communication with nature (30%), money (29%), music (27%), work (25%), pets (24%), and gifts (22%) bring joy to Ukrainians.

«Almost for every fifth Ukrainian vacation /holidays, books, Internet, watching TV, eating, sex, and doing housework and playing sports bring joy. Every sixth finds joy in movies, birthdays, prayer, shopping», — said in a statement.

Also theater, songs, dances, victory of the beloved team, solitude and other things. 5% of people are happy because of their studies or alcohol, 1-2% enjoy because of gambling and drugs were named as reasons for being happy.

Earlier Journalist reported that more than half of Ukrainians do not see any successful reform in Ukraine.

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