South and North Korea to open joint liaison office on the border

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On Friday, September 14, South and North Korea will open a joint «liaison office» in the North Korean city of Kaesong (the nearest city to the border between).

South Korean officials will be permanently stationed in the DPRK for the first time since the war in Korea in 1950-53 ended, dividing the peninsula, writes the European Pravda news agency.

Twenty South Koreans and nearly as many DPRK officials will work together, organizing joint projects coordinated by Kim Jong-un and the President of South Korea at their summit in April.

It was assumed that the office will open in August. The delay was caused by the need to reassure US officials who fear that North Korea will be rewarded too quickly without taking concrete steps to abandon its nuclear weapons.

As The Journalist reported, North Korea dismantled her nuclear test site.

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