Old coins illegally wanted to be taken out from Ukraine to Italy

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Photo: SBS

Border guards, according to the information of the Security Service of Ukraine and customs officials, prevented the export of valuable numismatics abroad. About this informs SBS.

As it became known, the coins were discovered by border guards at the Tysa border crossing point. According to preliminary data, silver pennies belong to the times of the Roman Empire.

«At the checkpoint Tysa during the additional inspection of Mercedes minibus of Ukrainian registration, the border guards found 10 silver coins from the times of the Roman Empire, which are about 2,000 years old»,report said.

It is noted that employees of the checkpoint have found a package with coins among the parcels that were transported to Italy. The cost of such a finding will be determined by experts.

Recall, at the end of May, at the international Boryspil border crossing point, border guards seized a collection of silver coins from Peru in 1831. In July, Taras Shevchenko's childhood coins were tried in Russia.

Earlier Journalist reported that BMW was found with surprise by law enforcement officers on the border with Hungary.

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