15 children were hospitalized in Kherson Oblast due to chemical emissions at Crimean plant Titan

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Fifteen children were hospitalized in the Kherson Oblast with suspicion of poisoning with dangerous compounds containing in the chemical emissions at the Crimean plant Titan. Among the symptoms reported lacrimation and laryngitis. This is reported by theNew Times publication.

«The regional and ministerial commission from Kyiv has already went at the administrative border with the occupied Crimea to examine air, soil and water for the content of sulfuric acid from Titan plant,» - the report says.

According to the order of the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation in the Crimea, the work of the Titan plant was temporarily stopped due to air pollution with vapors of acid storage.
In connection with the situation, arousing around the problem of emissions of poisonous substances, all the children of school and preschool age were evacuated from the town of Armyansk.
As The Journalist reported earlier, Ukrainian border guards at administrative border with Crimea were poisoned due to emissions of plant Titan.

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