Austrian Chancellor called on Russia to negotiate conflict settlement in Eastern Ukraine

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Photo: from open sources

Chancellor of Austria called on the Russian Federation (RF) to negotiate resolution of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. Today, on September 4, within the framework of a joint briefing by Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Austrian head appealed to leadership of the Russian Federation to return to the negotiating table with a view to peaceful resolution of conflict in east of country. This is written by Radio Svoboda.

Federal Chancellor of Austria is concerned about situation in eastern Ukraine, which «remains difficult» for civilians in region.

«There will never be a military solution to this conflict. In this regard, I would like to appeal to Russia with a call to return to negotiating table, because this return is necessary in Norman format. If progress is insignificant, it is still necessary, since this is the only format that we have so far, and the only way to withdraw negotiations and someday find a peaceful solution», chancellor explained.

As previously reported by The Journalist, Austria will not abolish sanctions in the Russian Federation.

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